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Renault Card Car Keys

Renault Card Car Keys

If you have lost your key card, or having the common problem of “CARD NOT DETECTED” we can help! We supply and programme Renault Card Car Keys.

The key cards fail after a number of years and Renault are aware of this problem. Their solution is to have the car recovered to them, then a 5-7 day wait for a new card to come from France. We stock these and can have the car running same day!!!

Sadly only a newly programmed remote card will solve the problem. 2nd hand cards from ebay CANNOT be programmed into your car as the transponder chip locks when programmed to the original car it was intended for. Sellers are aware of this, but use small print as an escape clause… like “ask an auto locksmith first.” This specialist auto locksmith says: These cards are expensive so don’t waste money that you could put towards a new genuine one. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!

Replacement Renault card key with car

A replacement Renault card key – always ask a locksmith!

Renault card car key

A genuine Renault card key

Renault car logo

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